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Over the Thanksgiving holiday the EICommander experienced it first “Save”.

A customer was flying his EICommander equipped GlasAir when the EICommander displayed a Timing Divergence Alarm. Upon landing the pilot/builder removed and inspected both of his P-mags. While nothing was amiss with the ignitions he did notice one magneto gear was sufficiently worn to cause the EICommander to issue a yellow caution alarm. Upon replacement of the offending gear and reinstallation of his ignition, the Timing Divergence Alarm returned to the bottom of the “green”.

Additional features have been added and the manual has been updated.

  • Timing Divergence Alarm (TDA) will display the difference in timing between any combination of E or P-mag Ignitions.
  • Continuous monitoring of ignition harnesses on 114 series E or P-mag Ignitions. A reading below 50 indicates either a short or fouled plug (short spark duration), above 70 indicates either a broken wire or plug (long spark duration).

Review the manual for a complete list of features.

A client called to ask about a short duration Timing Divergence Alarm the EIC displayed after he felt a “minor stumble”. Upon further discussion he mentioned that one of the coil pack condition bar graphs was below the green box, indicating a possible ignition short. Upon further discussion we asked him to verify his wiring for cylinders one and three on the right 114 P-mag. It turns out he had recently removed and reinstalled his propeller governor and in his haste he did not secure the plug wires. Upon further investigation our intrepid aviator found two wires were touching the engine mount and one of those two were laying on the cylinder. This type of contact can cause the high intensity spark to short to ground, causing the out of spec coil pack reading, which, in turn, caused the momentary Timing Divergence Alarm.

Our customer told us that without the EIC, he would not have been aware of an issue and would have probably spent countless hours tracking down the minor stumble he felt.