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EI Commander: Providing Electronic Ignition information and control solutions for experimental aircraft

You are flying behind the most state of the art electronic ignition available to the experimental aviation market place. Why not fly with the most advanced electronic ignition control module available, Electronic Ignition Commander?

The EI Commander is a natural complement to any E or P model ignition from E-MAG Ignitions®.

EIC - The Electronic Ignition Commander is a panel mounted control head for E-Mag Ignition's model 113 and 114 E and P model electronic ignitions. The unit is designed to provide operational information and allow for in-cockpit adjustment of these very capable electronic ignition systems.

EIC Tach - An electronic Tachometer and Hobbs meter. This unit is a simple, but very capable, digital tachometer with an easy to read screen. Electronic ignitions are not required for this tachometer.

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